Casa Kius

Interior, Landscape & Lighting Design

Under Construction



FROM THE GROUND TO THE STARS. The product becomes the symbol of a delicate balance between man and nature. KIUS HOUSE becomes the theater of daily scenes, moments linked to the everyday life, but also the place able to host unique moments.
KIUS is the leading character of a story told by nature and architecture in symbiosis with each other.


Inspired by the colors of the land and the environment surrounding the event space, we decided to take the colors that will characterize the horizontal and vertical surfaces from the nature that surrounds it. A resin slab flooring takes up the colors of the vineyard on which the architecture overlooks, with a semi-gloss treatment in order to reflect the sunlight but not the furniture elements that will characterize the functionality of the space. The vertical surfaces, however, will be characterized by a double color. Restoring, in fact, the division into two original horizontal bands of the existing structure, a harmonious contrast is created where the darker shade at the bottom gives depth along the longitudinal direction and the lighter shade at the top amplifies the perception of the environment in its entirety. A lighting that will be perceived only by living the space as it will never be possible to perceive the physicality of the lighting fixtures is what will give more uniqueness and dynamism within the environment, where functional light and stage light will contrast each other and create dynamic and private atmospheres as needed.